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Wednesday 9/28/16

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It’s easy in weightlifting (or any sport or activity) to fall into a routine and simply go through the motions with the majority of your training, reserving your focus and energy to only the heaviest lifts, the fanciest exercises, or the lifts you enjoy the most.

This is a mistake that can have pretty serious and long-lasting consequences. Not only does this reduce the effectiveness of what you’re doing, but it creates habits that reinforce this performance-reducing approach.

If you’re snatching, for example, you can’t warm up to 80% without attention to detail and a sincere effort to make every rep as accurate as possible, and then expect to magically hit your 80%+ lifts spectacularly – you’re going to do them essentially the same way you’ve been practicing all the way up.

A common example of this kind of failure to focus on the details in the overhead position of the snatch or jerk. Athletes will often hold bars and light weights overhead with no more effort than absolutely necessary for these light weights. In doing so, they fail to develop the habit of aggressive, forceful lockout so critical for these lifts. Without it being a habit, it won’t happen when it’s needed – you can’t think your way through submaximal and maximal lifts.

You train to develop skills and habits – if you’re failing to build those habits in training as well as possible, you’re ensuring suboptimal performance in the long term and greater difficulty down the road to build new habits.


Jump Rope 3 Minutes

10 Minutes – Animal Locomotion
10 yd Panther Crawl
10 yd Frog Hop


Levels 3/4

Take 15 Minutes to work up to a heavy single Back Squat.
Then 6 Minutes E2MOM
3 Squats at 80-85% of today’s heavy single (do NOT use new 1RM)

Level 2

3 Back Squat at 75% (calculate from most recent 1RM)
Rest 30 seconds
30-45 second Push-up Position Plank

Levels 0/1


5 Kettlebell Squats (Goblet or Double KB)
Rest 30 seconds
30 second Push-up Position Plank
Rest 60 seconds


“Another Heart”

10 Minutes AMRAP
5 Snatches 
50 Double Unders

L4 Р135/95 
L3 – 95/65, 30 DUs
L2 – 75/55, 20 DUs, or follow L1

Level 0/1

10 Minutes AMRAP
10 Goblet Squats
75 Single Unders