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Wednesday 10/7/20


0:00 – 15:00

Run to Sessions 2x
Instructor Mobility


15:00 – 40:00

2 x 5
Warmup sets

10 Bench Press – all 3 sets at the same weight
40 yd Suitcase March – hold a heavy bell on one side and march your knees high down and back on the turf, then repeat on the other side

 Barbell – Bench Press
 Kettlebell – Double KB Floor Press (or KB Bench if experienced enough)

Bench/Floor Presses – at approximately 80% of your 3 x 10

***Make sure you use a spotter on your AMRAP set!***


40:00 – 43:00

Workout explanation and Movement practice

43:00 – 55:00

“Orcish Fury”

4 Rounds, each for max reps
2:00 work, 1:00 recovery

7 Mountain Climber Push-ups (four knees, one push-up)
7 Ball Slams

– Mtn Climber Push-up: your foot should not touch the floor when you drive your knee forward on this exercise, the knee should be tucked between your elbows and your foot hugged up close to your belly
– It’s ok to use a box for more leverage or drop to your knees if you need to for the push-up portion
– See if you can hit 5 rounds in 2 minutes; if you can, see if you can do it again every interval. 😉


55:00 – 60:00