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Thursday 10/15/20


0:00 – 25:00

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

3x (increase weight each round if possible)
1/1 Getup
3/3 Clean and Press/Windmill
5/5 Halos each direction


25:00 – 40:00

Toes to Bar progressions:

– Hollow on floor
– Hollow Hang
– Hanging Scap Retractions
– Hanging Knee Tuck from Hollow
– Supine PVC lat activation
– Supine PVC leg raise
– Strict Hanging Leg Raise
– Lay back (baby front lever)
– Swing
– Knees to Elbows
– Toes to Bar

40:00 – 55:00

Handstand walk progressions:

– Down dog
– Down dog with feet elevated on box
– Kick up to HS at wall
– FTW handstand
– Plank Shoulder taps
– Down dog on box shoulder Taps
– HS on wall shoulder taps
– FTW HS shoulder taps
– Down dog to kick up on turf
– Kick up to leg switch
– Kick up and hold

***Not into walking upside down on your hands? Work on Animal Crawls, Hollow holds, Planks, Side Planks

40:00 – 55:00

Double Under progressions:

Basic bounce – feet together, straight line body position
Tuck Jumps – explode up, bring knees high
High bounce  – same mechanics as basic bounce, same position, just more power
Hand speed – roll from your WRISTS, not your elbows or shoulders
Tuck Jump double under – single reps, jump and tuck, turn your wrists fast, reset and repeat
Penguin jumps – high bounce, tap your hands on your hips 2x at peak of jump
Slow Singles – slow pace single unders with a very high bounce
Single Under/Double under – basic bounce, then high bounce with rope passing 2x under your feet, then recover to basic bounce
Double Unders – string multiples together – go for small sets, 5-10 at a time

– Stretch and/or foam roll your calves for at least 30 seconds between each skill progression
– Stop sooner than you think you should–we are trying to master a skill, not trash your calf muscles for the sake of cardio. Try not to jump for more than 30 seconds straight without taking a break.
– Anyone can benefit from these drills, even if they already have double unders mastered. Other options are working on underhand (reverse) jumps, try basic bounce and if that’s easy go for double unders. Triple unders and Crossover double unders are also challenging skills to master.***


55:00 – 60:00