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Wednesday 6/14/17

Rule Clarification – Part of your responsibility as a member of the gym is to clean up after yourself. That means in the restrooms, putting your equipment away in the correct places, mopping up your sweat and, most importantly, NO FOOD IN THE GYM. No one, members, kids, coaches, NO ONE is allowed to bring food into the gym or throw it away in any trashcan inside the gym. If you must eat, step outside and throw your trash away in the outside garbage can. No one wants to workout with flies buzzing around their head. Parents, your dirty diapers absolutely do not belong in the gym.

Don’t forget, the gym is our second home. Hell, some of us practically live here. Please treat it like a place we all want to be. Thank you!!

Powerlifting: Squat. Bench. Deadlift. These lifts are the foundation of our program and you will do them for the duration of your time with us. Every single one of us should want to be the best we can possibly be at the things we do everyday. Better form means better performance. This Saturday YOU can get better. All Levels, All Members, All Coaches. We are all here to get better.

Sign up now. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Bring a Friend Day – This Saturday at 9:30. Bring your ride or die to be your partner for a free workout at 9:30 am. No friend? No problem. Saturday will carry on as usual.

Need protein or carbs? – Email with your order.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Pushups


30 Minutes

Levels 2-4 will all run through the Clean Progression together as a group and then continue on their own for the lifts.
Levels 0/1 will go right to the Kettlebell Squat circuit after the warmup.

Levels 3/4
Clean Progression

5 x 2
Clean Pull + Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat 70% of 1RM Squat Clean

3 x 5
Bench Press Deload – 65/70/75%
Rest 3 minutes between sets.

Level 2
Clean Progression

3 x 3
Clean Pull (floor) + Hang Power Cleans (knee) 70% of 1RM Power Clean

3 x 5
Bench Press Deload – 65/70/75%
Rest 3 minutes between sets.

Levels 0/1

5 Double Kettlebell Floor Press
10/10 Step Ups
5 Pull-ups (use bands or practice hanging scapular retractions)
30/30 Side Plank
60 seconds Rest

***If you finish 6 sets and the other Levels are still working, ask the coach to help you with a skill–handstand hold, , Turkish Get-up, etc.*** However if you are finishing ten minutes early, you’re probably going too light or not giving maximum effort on the exercises. Don’t rush from one exercise to the next, take your time and recover so you can give each rep everything you’ve got.


“Archers, Ready!”

Levels 3/4
8 Minutes AMRAP
10 Push-ups
15 Kettlebell Swings

Levels 0-2
Box assisted Push-ups if necessary