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Wednesday 5/17/17

Lifting heavy weights? Yeah, you are. Belts have a place. Know their role.

Read – Weightlifting Belts from Dallas Strength & Conditioning.

The Murph Challenge – We’re less than two weeks out from one of the hardest, yet super simple, workouts we do all year. If you want to do it Rx, you’ll need a weight vest. Ours are generally spoken for by the coaches and those that have been wearing them every year since the day we opened. If you’re feeling froggy, you can scoop up a weight vest at most sporting good stores or Rogue probably makes one way overpriced. Think of it as an investment opportunity.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Pushups


25 Minutes (maximum)

Levels 2-4

3 Bench Press
Sets across: all work sets at the same weight – 85% of your top set from last Wednesday
Rest 3 minutes between sets.

Levels 0/1

8 Kettlebell Floor Press
12 Alternating Swings
30/30 seconds Side Plank
60+ seconds Rest

Compare to your results from three weeks ago.


Levels 2-4
Clean and Push Press
Box Jumps

L4 – 135/95, 24/20
L3 – 105/75, 24/20
L2 – 75/55 minimum OR 2kb Cln+PP, no rx height box

Levels 0/1
9 Double KB Clean and Push Press
9 Box Jumps (OR 20 yd Broad Jump)