Wednesday 3/13/19
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Wednesday 3/13/19

Starting Mar 18th, we’ll be adding a 5 a.m. class to the schedule. Will we see you there?
Some motivation for you:  Ex-Navy SEAL who wakes up at 4:30 am: How to get out of bed when you don’t feel like it
💪 “What you need to do is, when the alarm goes off, you get up and you go get some.” 💪

Krav Maga Workshop, #3 of 4 is THIS Saturday from 1-2:30pm. You don’t need a previous Krav class under your belt to attend. Try one out. It’s just $20 with the code MVMNT15. You will be punching and kicking pads, doing partner work, and getting an all-around exhausting but fun workout. Here’s the link to register!

Savage Race is Saturday Mar 30. Let us know you want to run with team MVMNT by this weekend. You can shoot Guido an email (, contact him via phone (404 291-4567), or use our Google Form.
Cost is $112 per person and includes all fees (insurance, processing, and tax). By registering with our team, you’ll get a 25% discount.

0:00 – 20:00
Run to Sessions 2x
Animal Mobility

20:00 – 30:00
Movement specific warm-up for the conditioning.

30:00 – 55:00

“Rista Blodörn”

Run 400 Yd
25 Push-ups
50 Double Unders
25 Toes To Bar
50 Overhead Lunges (in place, NOT walking)
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
25 Push-ups
Run 400 Yd

L3/4 – 45/35
L2 – 25/15, 125 single unders, hang knee tucks
L1 – goblet lunges (14/12), 125 corner/line hops, v-ups/ball-ups

55:00 – 60:00
coach’s choice stretch