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Wednesday 2/28/18

The Arnold – Show some love to both our Olympic and Powerlifting Teams as they head to The Arnold Sports Festival USA in Ohio today!!! Anna Fisher and Mark Sauro will be competing on the Rogue Strength Stage while Becci Holcomb hits the Main Stage in the USAPL PRO Deadlift competition.

Along with Nationals or Worlds, The Arnold is at the top of every athlete’s goal list. The 2018 Arnold Sports Festival and the world-renowned Arnold Classic bodybuilding championships will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2018 when the four-day health and fitness celebration presents more than 75 sports and events March 1-4, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.

The Arnold Sports Festival will attract an estimated 200,000 sports and fitness fans to watch 18,000 athletes compete in 75 sports and events, including 17 Olympic events, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus.

New in 2018….Axe Throwing. MVMNT team coming 2019??? Practice has already started.

ICYMI – 18.1 Results

Thursday Night Throwdown 2+ points: Nicole & Courtney

Top 3 Rx & Scaled Men & Women 3+ each:

Rx Men
Cope Rowell – Swole Patrol – 276/18:23
Joseph Elliott – 18.Fun – 276/18:43
Newcomer Stephen Burroughs – Swole Patrol – 273/18:32

Rx Women
Amy Pellerito – 18.Fun – 269/18:01
Ivy Perkins – 18.Fun – 248/19:19
Patrice Pollock (M) – Turn Down For WOD – 243/19:26

Scaled Men
Graham Wickham – Swole Patrol – 325/19:41
Chris DePasquale – 18.Fun – 306/18:46
Alex Glaros – 18.Fun – 306/18:56

Scaled Women
Kimberly Knipe – 18.Fun – 337/19:45
Yessi Banda – Turn Down For WOD – 314/19:28
Niki Lemley – Swole Patrol – 300/19:58

18.1 Team Spirit 5+: Turn Down For WOD for getting the entire team scored by Saturday morning…actually only ONE person had to be scored on Saturday. Following the rules scores points!

Team Standings
18.Fun – 32
Turn Down For WOD – 28
Swole Patrol – 26

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility

10 Swings
5 Downdog Push-ups
1/1 Getups


Levels 3/4
(21 Minutes total)

Take 15 minutes (including warmup sets) to work up to a heavy single back squat for the day, then:

6 minutes E2MOM (3 sets)
3 Back Squats at 85% of today’s heavy single

Note the difference in the lifts for Level 2 and Levels 3/4. If you have not PASSED the Level 3 test, your workout is written BELOW.

Level 2

Take 20 minutes (this includes warmup sets) and work up to your heaviest Back Squat triple.
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
Stop when your form breaks down–make sure your chest stays up, hips go below parallel, knees track the toes, heels stay rooted.
If you hit your max early, you can do some lighter back-off sets for technique practice.

Levels 0/1

6-8 Sets

8 Double Kettlebell Squats
4/4 Plyo Step-ups
8 Ball Up Sit-ups
30 second Reverse Tabletop
Rest 1 minute


20 Yd Heavy Sled Push
Max Reps Pull-ups
Rest 60-120 Seconds

L4 – Chest to Bar
L3 – Chin over Bar
L0-2 – use bands if necessary