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Wednesday 1/4/16

Understand why we base many movements off the hollow body position.

For those of you that have progressed to the hollow rock.

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

18 Minutes E2MOM (3 Rounds)

The following exercises will each be performed for one minute followed by a minute of rest before moving to the next exercise,
so one complete round is 6 minutes total. For best results alternate with a partner so you have someone to watch the clock for you.

Pistol/Deck Squat

L4 – 60 second Nose to Wall Handstand, Alternating Pistols, 60 seconds Hollow Rocks
L3 – 45-60 second Handstand (nose to wall if possible), Single leg Deck Squat negatives (down on one foot, up on two), 60 sec Hollow Hold
L2 – 30-45 second Handstand, Deck Squats, 45 sec Hollow Hold
L0/1 – 30-60 second Downdog Hold with feet elevated on box or stall bars, Deck Squat with Med Ball Assist, 60 sec Bent knee Hollow Body



25 Minute limit for all Levels

10x AFAP

Alternate each exercise with your partner:
10 Double Kettlebell Thrusters
10 Burpees
200 yd Run

L4 – 24/16 (should finish in under 22 minutes)
L3 – 22/14 (should finish in under 25 minutes)
L2 – no Rx weight
L1 – sub KB Squats for thrusters

Partner A will do the Thrusters first, then B will do the Burpees, then A will run, when A gets back, B does Thrusters, etc.  So each partner will do 5 total rounds by the end.