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Wednesday 12/6/17

Celebrate Your Success – It’s time to spend some QT with your fellow MVMNT members outside of the gym. Join us Friday, December 15th, at Two Birds Taphouse anytime from 6-9 (maybe later) pm. Meet your doppelganger from 6 am, see what people look like in something besides workout clothes (but, let’s be honest…you can absolutely wear leggings), and learn something new about your Saturday morning teammate.

No RSVP required but your smiling face is.

One Warm Coat – Bring a coat, get on our tab. Last year’s coat drive was a huge success and we’re betting we can do even better this year! The One Warm Coat drive starts Monday. One Warm Coat is in need of gently used (clean!) or new¬† coats. Your donations go directly to Angel Eyes Inc in Marietta and are immediately put to use. Angel Eyes works with children and adolescents on a variety of social issues. The majority of families live below the poverty line. Additionally, Angels Eyes works with single parents and those who are homeless. Donation receipts will be available.

When you bring your coat donation to the gym, add your name to the list. Show up at Two Birds on December 15th and your first round is on us. Win-win.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
20 Alternating Birddogs (hold each rep for one second)
10 Russian Babymakers
10 Hawaiian Squats per leg (hold on to the pull-up rig or a box if necessary for balance)

20 Minutes total

Levels 2-4
6 Minutes:
Warmup your bench press: 5 reps each – empty bar, 35%, 45%, 55%
45-60 Samson stretch on each side

12 minutes E3MOM (4 sets)

9 Bench Press at 70%
30 Crab Kicks

Levels 0/1

9 Floor Press
30 Crab Kicks
10 Medicine Ball Deck Squats

MB Deck Squat; Holding an 8-10# med ball or slam ball (or a 15# Kettlebell if you have a good dentist), squat down as deeply as possible, roll back onto your shoulders, and touch the ball to the floor over you head. Reverse the movement by swinging the ball forward, bracing your midsection and kicking your heels down into the floor close to your hips as you come into a deep squat, finish the rep by standing up. Speed is critical to generate momentum on the way up. If you don’t have really good ankle and hip mobility this movement will likely elude you. Instead practice deep squats with the weight as a counterbalance, and then practice rocking to your feet from a tucked supine position.

10 Seated Press
15 Ring Rows
40 yd Bear Crawl


“Synthetic Future”

13:15 Minutes total
30 seconds work/15 seconds rest

You will start with 2 sets of
Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
Then 2 sets of:
Box Jumps
Then 2 sets of:
Mountain Climber Push-ups

Then repeat this sequence, for a total of 3 rounds.

The mountain climber push-up is executed like this: in plank position perform 2 mountain climbers, then 1 push-up–as you fatigue, add more mountain climbers (4,6,8) to cut down on push-ups, but don’t come out of a good plank for the entire 30 seconds. You have to keep your midsection braced so your hips don’t sag. Make sure you don’t flex/round your low back or bounce your hips up and down as your bring your knee forward. If you normally need a box to do full range of motion push-ups then use one for this exercise as well.