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Wednesday 11/22/17

T-Giving Info – Only one class tomorrow at 9 am. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the gym. There is a gap between the 10 & 5k where Marietta PD will open up a lane allowing you to get to the gym. Please be patient with them. Walking or biking is ideal if you can!

Gobble Joggers are welcome to park at the gym. If you tell your friends they’re allowed to and you aren’t with them, our second favorite tradition of the year will kick in: kicking people out of our parking lot. Happy Holidays!

Race packets will be delivered to the gym this afternoon if you signed up with the MVMNT Gym team when you registered.

Big Sale & New Merch – Old hoodies and tees on clearance sale tomorrow and Friday only. You come to class to get this deal. OH. And BRAND NEW MVMNT hoodies drop tomorrow. Do the workout, get a discount on the new hoodies.

Please be sure you sign up for Thursday and/Friday’s workout. Just like you do EVERY TIME you come to the gym.

Thursday @ 9 am. Friday @ 10 am (we’re sleeping in) only.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
20 Alternating Birddogs (hold each rep for one second)

20 Minutes total

Levels 2-4
6 Minutes:
Warmup your bench press: 5 reps each – empty bar, 35%, 45%, 55%
45-60 Samson stretch on each side

at 6:00 on the clock,
12 minutes E3MOM (4 sets – 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00)

5 Bench Press at 65%
30 Crab Kicks

Levels 0/1

6 Floor Press
24 Crab Kicks
12 Hanging Leg Raise/Knee Tuck (hold each rep for 2 seconds at the top)

10 Dips
10 Ring Rows
40 yd Bear Crawl


“The Cauldron”

1 Round (13:15 minutes total)
30 seconds work/15 seconds rest
Repeat each exercise for 3 sets in a row, then move to the next exercise.
After the 3rd set of Lunges, repeat the entire sequence.

Left Arm Kettlebell Press (or Push Press/Jerk)
Right Arm Kettlebell Press (or Push Press/Jerk)
Left Arm Kettlebell Swing
Right Arm Kettlebell Swing
Left Arm Kettlebell Squat
Right Arm Kettlebell Squat

You will use the same weight for the entire workout, trying to get as many reps as you can per interval.
There is no Rx weight for this workout–select a weight that you can use safely but will still be challenging in as the sets progress.

40 yd Farmer Walk
30 Second Downdog Hold