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Wednesday 10/28/15

Read – The Power of Swings and Get Ups in Professional Hockey from Sean Skahan, NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach, StrongFirst. “Originally, the swing was implemented for those players who don’t Olympic lift due to technical reasons and/or previous injures. Now, it is a staple in our program as a power exercise for every player.”

Switch It Up – PaleoOMG crockpot recipes. I’m researching for new big batch meals to make this weekend. 

Two days left to get your ghoulish CrossFit costume together. 

Level 3 Test – Saturday, November 14th at 10:30 am. Commit now. You’ll work harder towards accomplishing your goals if you’ve made your intention public. Waiting until the last minute to make a game time decision is a recipe for failure. That’s like deciding to do an Olympic weightlifting meet this Sunday so you come to Tribe Thursday night. Put your name on the list today and I guarantee you’ll spend more time going HAM on those weaknesses. Sign up under workshops. 


Dynamic Athletic Movement 

3 Sets
10 Swings
5 Overhead Reverse Lunges R/L (L0/1- goblet lunges if necessary)
5 Down Dog Pushups


15 Minutes
Review Single Arm Swing
Kettlebell Clean
-rack position
-drop and hike/drop and swing/drop and clean
-singles from the floor, then sets of 5


Levels 3/4
5 x 2 @ 80%
Power Cleans

Level 2
Clean Progression with empty bar
Light weight Power Clean technique practice 

Level 0/1
Clean Progression with pvc pipe
Heavy Kettlebell Swing practice (3-5 reps at a time)


Levels 2-4
3 x 5 @ 75%
Push Press

Level 0/1
5 x 5 R/L 
Single Kettlebell Push Press