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Wednesday 1/3/18

Whole Life Challenge – Join our team here. Discount ends tonight at midnight. Returning Players save 40%, New Players Save 20%

This nutrition and exercise challenge is run by Whole Life Challenge. Yes, there’s an app. Yes, you’re registering on a separate website. Yes, you’re diving in head first with very little warning. And, yes, you were already thinking about cutting back on sugary cakes and booze after that NYE binge. Go time.

What Will You “Look” Like on March 2nd?

Just for a minute consider something…

Consider who you want to be on March 2nd.

If you were at the very top of your health and well-being, what would you feel like? What would your family members and friends say about you? How much energy would you have?

So fast-forward and paint yourself a picture: What do you look like in 6 weeks?

That’s what the Whole Life Challenge will do for you when you join our team and make a commitment to replace a few bad habits with good habits. You can learn more about it here.

Once you’ve checked it out, you can join MVMNT Gym’s Team here. For six weeks, starting on January 20th and ending on March 2nd, we’ll work on all the areas of our well-being—like nutrition, mobility, and exercise, for starters.

The Whole Life Challenge is basically a game that challenges us to “try on” a whole life of health and fitness for six weeks. As a team, we can win points and lose points (hopefully we’ll win more than we lose). And the prize is … Well, it’s who you are at the end of the Challenge.

We like the WLC because there are different levels just like our programming. You get to pick how strict you want to be with your nutrition (although none of them are a cake walk).

Watch the videos and join our team. We WANT you on our team! Our Team’s name: MVMNT Gym.

CrossFit Open 2018 – How perfect that we’re about to test our fitness together, coaches and members of all levels, after a month of getting our nutrition, sleep, mobility, etc. in order…

For those of you that already know what we’re talking about here’s the schedule:
18.1- Feb. 22-26
18.2- March 1-5
18.3- March 8-12
18.4- March 15-19
18.5- March 22-26

For those of you who missed it yesterday:
Since we are about 8 weeks out from the start of the CF Games Open 2018, my first goal for all of you is to have a thorough exposure to the barbell Snatch exercise over the next four weeks.

We will be going through the Barbell Snatch Progression just about every day, so you should to commit it to memory. We will continue to hit some of the regular strength lifts (specifically the Back Squat and Press) but we are going to also include Overhead Squats, Snatch Pulls, Drop Snatches, Power and Squat Snatches, as well as Cleans and Push Presses–so there won’t be any Deadlifts or Bench Press for the next four weeks.

Here is the progression for the Power Snatch:

3-5 reps of each movement

I have broken the sequence into 3 sections. When sharing a barbell with a partner, you switch at those breaks, NOT after each drill.

Hold the barbell with a snatch-width hook grip.

Dip + Shrug
Dip + High Pull
Dip + High Pull + Footwork transition

Overhead Squat
Behind the neck Jerk
Snatch Balance
Drop Snatch

Tall Power Snatch
Above the Knee Power Snatch
Power Snatch (from the Floor)

This progression covers all of the component parts of the snatch and includes a few drills to help reinforce confidence in the lift. Once you know the order of the exercises and how to perform them, it should take less than 5 minutes to get through the whole thing; however, it does require your diligent mindfulness in order to provide any improvement in your technique. If you simply go through the motions, you’re wasting your time and preventing someone else from using the barbell. LEARN the progression. MEMORIZE the sequence and the points of performance of each movement. FOCUS on what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Don’t worry about someone on the next platform, don’t talk to your training partners about how badly you want the Falcons to get destroyed this weekend or what you’re having for dinner.

Over the years we have posted (and reposted, and reposted again) a lot of links to various online resources that can greatly contribute to your lifting ability. Ignoring them is your loss. Visiting YouTube channels and dedicated Oly training sites to glean tips, tricks, more general knowledge about the techniques will make your time on the platform at MVMNT that much more productive.

Who to follow: Catalyst Athletics, California Strength, Hookgrip

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
Downdog Push-ups

15 Minutes
All Levels
Barbell Snatch Progression
L3/4 – once through with empty bar, then add some weight and do the entire progression again
(like a partner complex with the emphasis on QUALITY)
L2 – start with pvc, then move to empty bar
L0/1 – practice with pvc


Levels 3/4
18 Minutes total:
This segment is EVERY TWO MINUTES so you have to work quickly, and you should have a really solid idea of what you’re putting on the bar each set BEFORE you get started.

A. 6 Minutes E2MOM (3 sets)
3 Snatch Pulls
Work up to a weight heavier than your 1RM Snatch.

B. 12 Minutes E2MOM (6 sets)
3 Power Snatch
Increase weight each set.

Note the difference in the lifts for Level 2 and Levels 3/4. If you have not PASSED the Level 3 test, your workout is written BELOW.

Level 2
18 Minutes (first work set starts at 3:00, last work set is at 15:00)

Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch
Increase weight each set

Levels 0/1
18 Minutes (first work set starts at 3:00, last work set is at 15:00)

5/5 Double Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlifts
30 second Elbow Plank

***For those of you who are more experienced but still haven’t tested for Level 2 yet, you may do an extra set or take a few minutes to practice pull-ups, handstands or another skill during the Strength segment of class, especially if you find yourself waiting around for the barbell people to finish their lifts.


“Archers, Ready!”

Levels 3/4
8 Minutes AMRAP
10 Push-ups
15 Kettlebell Swings

Levels 0-2
Box assisted Push-ups if necessary