Wednesday 1/2/19
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Wednesday 1/2/19

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great holiday with good food, family and friends. We’ve made some changes to MVMNT over this break, and there are more to come in the near future. We plan to roll out a 5 AM class soon (there actually have been a lot of requests for this for some reason), and we will be adding some kickboxing classes to the schedule as well. We are bringing back the kids’ class also–just one day a week for now, and only kids 6-8 years old. Additionally we’ve been interviewing for a couple of new trainers to round out the staff so we can offer more class time options, personal training and new programs. We are working out the kinks with our new client management software “Triib” that will allow members to register for class, make purchases, and track workout progress through a custom app or online.

As we work through this transitional period we appreciate your patience while we finish some of the painting/redesign projects and figure out how this new software works. We believe that the end result will be a much more enjoyable and functional training environment and a more efficient online registration/account management experience for all of you.

The new program will start next week. Since this is a short week, we are going to have some fun.

0:00 – 10:00
Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

10:00 – 20:00
Work up to a max effort Turkish Getup

20:00 – 25:00
Workout Prep

25:00 – 60:00


3 Rounds for quality and strength.

Single Kettlebell Circuit (use the same┬áKB for the whole thing – your weakest link will determine the weight you use)
Alternate each movement with a partner.

15 Two-hand Swings
5/5 Clean and Press (push press if necessary)
10/10 Single arm Swings
5/5 Clean and Squat
20 Alternating Swings (switch hands every rep)
1/1 Getup
15 Two-hand Swings
5/5 High Pulls
5/5 Snatches
30 second Hardstyle Plank

L4 – 24/18
L3 – 22/16

Lower levels substitute movements as directed by your coach.