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Tuesday 9/27/16

Congratulations to Diana!! While we were at Dobbins, Diana was completing the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s wearing purple in honor of her mother. If you’d like to get involved, talk to Diana about how you can help.

Level 3 Test – Save the date for October 8th. We are looking forward to testing a big group. We know there are several of you ready to go. You’ve trained consistently and worked on your weaknesses. Show up and throw down. The first step is signing up. 

While it might look strange at first, Ido’s flow is laced with mobility, stability, control, STRENGTH, dance, martial arts, acrobatics, balance, precision, and the list goes on. Play is important. Use the warm-up as your play time. Complete the whole thing each time trying to get better. The more focused you are now the more fun the hard stuff will be in the coming weeks. 


Dynamic Athletic Movement

10 Minutes – Animal Locomotion
10 yd Downdog Walk
10 yd Frog Hop


Levels 3/4

21 Minutes E3MOM (7 sets)
5 Bench Press
Increase weight each set.

Level 2

5 Bench Press at 75% (calculate from most recent 1RM)
Rest 30 seconds
10 Supine Ring Rows

Levels 0/1

5 Kettlebell Floor Press (Double KB)
Rest 30 seconds
10/10 KB 1-Arm Rows
Rest 60 seconds


“Swift Chancellor”

25-15-10 (12 minute limit)
Wall Balls 

L4 – C2B
L3 – Chin over bar
L2 – band assisted pull-ups 
L0/1 – Ring rows