Tuesday 9/22/20

Tuesday 9/22/20


0:00 – 25:00

Run to Sessions 2x

10 Minutes
Mobility and Joint Prep

10 Minutes

20 Alternating Swings
1/1 Getup + Windmill


25:00 – 30:00

Workout explanation and movement prep

30:00 – 50:00

“Water Is Not A Problem”

20 minutes for reps

Unbroken Pull-ups (you must get A MINIMUM OF 5 REPS each round, box-assisted, kipping, strict, anything goes as long as you are in control of the movement)*
Every time you come off the bar for any reason, RUN 400 yd 

*If you cannot do pull-ups, then START with the RUN, and do Ring Rows to failure (minimum of 20) before heading out to run again.


50:00 – 60:00