Tuesday 8/29/17

Tuesday 8/29/17

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups

Level 0/1
10 Swings
1/1 Getup

30 minute limit

Levels 2-4 will review proper Bench Press technique before warming up. Setup, grip, unracking and racking the bar, range of motion, foot position, and spotting will all be covered. Anyone who can bench over 500# is exempt from this review. Otherwise pay attention and you might learn something that will help you get stronger.

Levels 3/4

Bench Press
1 x 5 with empty bar
1 x 5 at 30%
1 x 5 at 40%
1 x 5 at 50%
5 x 5 at 60%

Level 2

Bench Press
1 x 5 with empty bar
1 x 5 at 30%
1 x 5 at 40%
2 x 5 at 50%
3 x 5 at 60%

Level 0/1

8 Floor Press
8 Box Dips
12 Ring Rows
3/3 Thoracic Bridges (this is how it’s done)

Snatch Test Prep

16 Minutes AMRAP
15 seconds work
15 seconds rest

You should face the clock timer for this workout so you know when to start and stop the rounds. I can’t believe I have to actually type that instruction out, but that’s reality. Pay attention to the 15 second interval.

Levels 2-4
Single Arm Swing
Switch hands every interval–not alternating swings from hand to hand, but one 15 second set with the right hand, the next set with the left.

L4 – 24/18
L3 -22/16
L2 – light enough that your last rep of the last interval looks as perfect as the first rep when the timer starts

Levels 0/1
Two-hand Swing (regular KB swing)