Tuesday 7/18/17

Tuesday 7/18/17

Is Dan Bailey Thor?? Maybe.

Dial in your Turkish Getup

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

Kettlebell Warmup Complex

1 Rep each exercise:
Clean and Push Press
Reverse Getup
Switch hands

The kettlebell should not be set down at all during the 5 rounds. Select a light enough bell that you can get through all 50 reps without putting it down. If you need to rest, do it with the bell locked out overhead, or in the rack position. In the event you set the bell down before completing this complex, you owe a burpee penalty based on your level (L4 – 50, L3 – 40, L2 – 30, L1 – 20, L0 – 10).

With a running clock:

Levels 2-4

30 Clean and Jerks AFAP
Rest until clock hits 10:00

L4 135/95
L3 115/75
L2 95/65

At 10:00 –

3 Rounds AFAP
400 yd run
21 Swings
12 Pull-ups

Levels 0/1

50 Burpees AFAP

At 10:00 –

3 Rounds AFAP
400 yd run
21 Swings
21 Ring Rows