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Tuesday 7/14/15

CONGRATULATIONS TO BECCI HOLCOMB!!!! Becci took FIRST place in the 84+ kilo female open division at the North American Powerlifting Championship!! While she was lifting with no extra gear, she was simultaneously competing in the geared division. Geared lifters wear specialized equipment that allow them to lift heavier weights than just their own body would allow. Without wearing any of that special equipment, Becci took second place in the geared division too!! She set several North American records and is on the hunt for that world record deadlift. Thank you to everyone that has supported Becci over the last year with your cheers, presence and donations. Team PrettyStrong makes their next appearance at Powerlifting for Pups at AK CrossFit on August 8th….the whole damn team is competing!! Please come show your love!!

Self-Defense Class – Starts Tonight!! 7 pm. Classes are free this month. Open to members and non-members.

German Volume Training Test Week, part II

If you haven’t already done the deadlift, today is your day.  If you did it on Monday, then either spend an hour foam rolling, stretching, doing some easy cardio or simple skill work; or bench press 3RM.  

Here’s what you need to know:

Your performance this week is the culmination of your effort over the last 14 weeks of training. Approach each session this week as you would a final exam or a championship game. You should know what weight you want to hit before you walk into the gym, and should visualize the lift in your mind’s eye throughout the day. Everyone should know what is expected for the reps to count by now. Overall technical proficiency has improved significantly in the last few months, so I’m looking forward to some legit PRs from most of you this week.

Only Level 2 and higher should be testing, unless you just moved up a level during this cycle.

The instructor must witness/judge every max attempt. Your score will not be valid otherwise.

The goal is to establish 3 rep max squat, bench, and deadlift. 3 or 4 warmup sets at most. Ideally you should test only 1 lift per training session, in this order: deadlift, bench, squat. These lifts should be tested on 3 NON-CONSECUTIVE days with active recovery* days in between.

Here’s how to determine what you should aim for. Take the projected 1RM from 10 Rep max week (you should have recorded this in your notebook – I personally calculated it for most of you and told you what it was). For your 3 Rep Max attempt aim for 90-95% of that projected 1RM.

For example: During the last test you benched 115 for 10. The calculator says your projected 1RM is 153. That means 90% is 138 and 95% is 145. You should try to hit 140-145 for 3 this week. The session should look like: 85×3, 115×3, 130×3, 145×3.

Here is a link to the 1RM Calculator.

You will be tested by USAPL and MVMNT standards.
Demonstrate proper set up and hit all the technical points of performance on every rep.
Un-rack and rack weight correctly.
Maintain focus.
Utilize spotters correctly.
Squat to depth.
Control the bar on the bench.
Deadlift without hitching or bouncing or excessive spinal flexion.

*AR might include yoga, a hike up Kennesaw Mountain, low intensity Airdyning or rowing. AR is not high intensity metcon.

Levels 0/1 will follow a 10×6 lifting protocol with kettlebells.

Any members who haven’t been training for this entire cycle will follow the 0/1 program this week.

There will be NO CONDITIONING programmed for class this week.