Tuesday 7/14/20

Tuesday 7/14/20


0:00 – 20:00
Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

20:00 – 30:00
Workout Prep

Review/practice the movements for your level.


30:00 – 55:00

“I Don’t Wanna Hear It”

Levels 2-4

5x E5MOM
Barbell Complex – 5 Rounds (3:00 work/2:00 rest)

If necessary, share the barbell with a partner (wipe it down between uses), to conserve equipment and space.
Try to get at least three rounds with the target weight for your level.

6 Bent Over Rows
6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
12 Front Squats
AMRAP Pull-ups until 3:00
Rest 2 minutes

L4 – target weight is 155/125# or more, chest to bar pull-ups
L3 – target weight is 135/105# or more
L2 – target weight is 115/75# or more

The complex is intended to be performed unbroken, that is, without resting the bar on the floor until all reps have been completed. The only acceptable resting position is holding the bar in the front rack position. ***Each time you have to break up the complex by putting the bar down, perform 25 air squats before picking the bar back up to finish*** Level 4: if you don’t make it at least to 135/105# by the last round, perform 100 more air squats at the end of the workout. Level 3: if you don’t work up to at least 115/75# by the last round, perform 100 more air squats at the end of the workout.

Level 1

25 Minutes

Double Kettlebell Complex

6 Rows
6 Deadlifts
6 Cleans (not dead cleans)
12 Squats
12 Ring rows (or 6 pull-ups)
Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds

Double bells if possible.
If using one bell, do all movements on one side before switching–and only do 6 squats per side.


55:00 – 60:00