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Tuesday 6/23/15

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe Pavel said kettlebells are an ancient Russian weapon against weakness, not your kid’s strength coach. Oh, Diddy… Read – Sean Combs Charged with Assault (with a Kettlebell) at UCLA.

And with that…Self-Defense Seminar this weekend! Get signed up under Workshops. Saturday at 10:30 am. All other 10:30 am classes are cancelled that day.

Dynamic Athletic Movement

3 Rounds
10 Downdog Push-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings

Levels 2-4
8 x 6

Sets across, add 3-5% to last week. There are 8 work sets, ALL to be done at the same weight. Rest no more than 120 seconds between sets. NO TOUCH AND GO REPS–pause at the bottom and reset your start position every rep.

Level 1 
5 x 5
Barbell Deadlift Practice (increase weight each set, maintain optimal form)

Level 0
10 x 6
Kettlebell Deadlifts (single or double)

5x NFT
20 Yd Backwards Sled Drag
5 High Box Jumps