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Tuesday 5/17/16

Read-Real World Strength by Tim Anderson, 

One of the greatest benefits of having your original strength is you are capable. Being capable, able to live life and move the way you want to without getting injured, is true wealth. There is no amount of money that can match being strong and healthy. It is a gift to be capable. 

3 Minutes Jump Rope
Hip Mobility Series
10 Down dog Push-ups

5 x
1/1 Turkish Getups

Levels 2-4

5 – 5 – 5+ (AMRAP last set, switch to push press once you can’t get anymore strict)
Press (60-70-80%) ADD 5# to each work set from last Monday 

Levels 0/1

5 x 5
Single Kettlebell Press R/L


Double Kettlebell Complex

25 Minutes AMRAP
Alternate with a Partner

5x unbroken
1 Swing
1 Clean
1 Squat
1/1 Lunge R/L
1 Push Press

Level 0/1

Same complex with a single bell, no partner. Do one side 5x then rest 30 seconds, do the other side and rest 30 seconds, repeat for 25 minutes.

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