Tuesday 4/17/18

Tuesday 4/17/18

Read – Fittest Woman on Earth Wins Gold After Family Tragedy from cnn.com. Tia-Clair Toomey is one badass woman.

Whole Life Challenge – Shout out to those folks going right back into a 6 week (12 weeks for one lucky lady!) nutrition challenge this week. Best of luck….in like 4 weeks….when you could actually use some luck.

Technique Tips – If you choose to row today, choose to apply some correct technique. Here’s a few easy ways to look like you use to row crew.

  1. Sit up tall through the whole stroke.
  2. Pull the handle to your mid ribs.
  3. Keep you wrists straight and flat.
  4. DO NOT TRACE YOUR BODY WITH THE CHAIN. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME. Just like your wrists, the chain stays parallel to the ground in the recovery.

Rowing is all about leg drive just like the Olympic lifts. Your arms are really just a bonus. This vid is an excellent quick demo of the pattern: Knees. Elbows. Elbows. Knees.

Speed Ladder
Hip Mobility

6 minutes:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

L4 – 6x
L3 – 5x
L2 – 4x
L0/1 – 3x, sub ring rows if necessary


20 minutes EMOM
20 max effort/40 seconds recovery
Alternate exercises each round.

Levels 3/4
Double Unders

L4 – burpees with a TUCK JUMP every rep
L3 – If you can’t easily do 30 unbroken double unders consistently, then follow the workout below

Levels 0-2
Quick Step Drill

L2 – as written
L1- if necessary, skip every THIRD minute
L0 – E2MOM: you will do one max effort interval every OTHER minute

Rest 5 minutes, then:
10 minutes steady-state cardio

Your options are:

Step-ups (march up and down on a box, alternating the leading foot every 15-20 reps)
Shuttle runs (down and back on the turf, touch the line every time)

Your goal is to keep moving for 10 minutes no matter what.