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Tuesday 3/13/18

Leaderboarding v. – Interested to see where you stack up against the rest of the gym?? Full leaderboard previews coming tomorrow….

Thursday Night Throwdown 2+ points: Khadijah Franklin & Liz Meehan

18.3 Team Spirit 5+: Swole Patrol. For being loud and proud and doing the wave. That made us smile. (We’re gonna need to see some step up in y’all’s spirit game this week. #spiritturnt)

18.3 Top 3 Rx & Scaled Men & Women 3+ each:

Rx Men
Matt Delockery – 427/10:31
Joseph Elliott – 424/12:43
Cope Rowell – 349/13:00

Rx Women
Patrice Pollock – 230/7:47
Amy Pellerito – 222/6:10
Ivy Perkins – 220/4:40

Scaled Men
Graham Wickham – Finisher. 11:56
Alex Glaros – 917/13:56
Courtney Morrison – 809/13:17

Scaled Women
Jen Delockery – 830/12:39
Nicole Pankopp – 807/13:35
Kimberly Knipe – 766/11:48

Team Standings
18.Fun – 113
Swole Patrol – 89
Turn Down For WOD – 90

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility

1/1 Getups
10 Swings
30 Second Handstand

L0/1 – substitute Downdog hold with feet elevated on a box/stall bars


Levels 3/4
(21 Minutes total)

Take 15 minutes (including warmup sets) to work up to a heavy single back squat for the day, then:

6 minutes E2MOM (3 sets)
3 Back Squats at 85% of today’s heavy single

Note the difference in the lifts for Level 2 and Levels 3/4. If you have not PASSED the Level 3 test, your workout is written BELOW.

Level 2

Take 20 minutes (this includes warmup sets) and work up to your heaviest Back Squat triple.
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
Stop when your form breaks down–make sure your chest stays up, hips go below parallel, knees track the toes, heels stay rooted.
If you hit your max early, you can do some lighter back-off sets for technique practice.

Levels 0/1

6-8 Sets

8 Double Kettlebell Squats
4/4 Plyo Step-ups
8 Ball Up Sit-ups
30 second Reverse Tabletop
Rest 1 minute


5x (track the time of each individual round, not including the rest period)

40 yd Sled Push (down the turf and back)
12 Over the Shoulder Sandbag Throws
(instead of catching the SB like a clean, flip it over your shoulder then pick it up and repeat on the other side)
Rest 60-120 sec