Tuesday 2/5/19

Tuesday 2/5/19

Hey, hey, did you know we have a kickboxing class today? 11:30am.

Krav Workshop is Saturday, Feb 9th. You’re more than welcome to bring a friend or your spouse. I can verify that Krav is way more fun with some friendly competition around you. Cost is $25 for members and $40 for nonmembers. Give Mario a heads up if you’re planning on coming at info@mvmntgym.com. Class is from 1-3pm.

Social Media Blender Bottle Challenge. Linda and Ben R. – your bottles are on the top shelf by the door! Thanks for supporting us on your social media feed. 😊 Keep an eye out for more ways to win a blender bottle!

Start Fresh. For the Whole Life Challenge, our Well-Being practice is “starting fresh every day!” If you’d like to join us, try this out each day this week.
1. Each day, find an area of your life that needs cleaning — and clean it up.
2. The space can be physical (like a desk or closet) or virtual (like your email inbox or file folders).
3. You may also pick a large project, like your garage or storage area, and tackle a small part of it each day.
4. The space does not need to be large and it need not take long to clear up.
Marie Kondo, watch out.

0:00 – 10:00
Super Dynamic Movement

10:00 – 20:00
Instructor Mobility

20:00 – 25:00
Workout Specific Practice

25:00 – 55:00

Mose Wright

Levels 3/4


400 Yd Run
21/15/9/6/3 Handstand Push-ups
20 Toes to Bar
20/40/60/80/100 Double Unders

L4 – full range of motion
L3 – use abmat

Level 2


90 Single Unders
50/40/30/20/10 Push-ups
15 Knees to Elbows
400 Yd Run

Level 1

25 minutes AMRAP

60 Single Unders
15 Push-ups
15 Hanging Knee Tucks
200 Yd Run
Rest 60 seconds