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Tuesday 10/6/15

WLC Day 18: Sleep. Sleep. And more sleep.

Lack of sleep sucks. After just one night, you become a groggy mess: short-tempered, uncoordinated, unable to concentrate. Your willpower plummets, and you perform poorly at work.

You turn to stimulants, downing coffee and Red Bull to get through your day. Your brain calls for glucose, and your diet goes out the window, everything in the vending machine now fair game. You make simple cognitive mistakes, and you drive like you’ve had a few.
It’s a bad scene.

Luckily, it’s avoidable. With just a few changes to your routine, you can sleep better: falling asleep quickly, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed.

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Jump Rope 3 Minutes

10 Minutes: Movement Flow
Downdog Walk, Frog Hop, Lateral Ape Walk
Reverse Downdog Walk, Reverse Frog Hop, Lateral Monkey Walk

Try doing a few reps of one movement and then switching immediately into a different pattern seamlessly. Start slowly and as you practice increase the speed. Be mindful to use correct form as you play with flowing from one animal to the next. Try to keep moving for the entire 10 minutes.


15 Minutes Handstand Practice

L4 – Practice Cartwheel to Face the Wall Handstand AND try FTW Handstand to Somersault: just like the crow/roll drill last week, tuck your head and roll out of the handstand at the wall; then continue practicing sub-maximal sets of handstand push-ups (not facing the wall, NO KIPPING) AND practice freestanding HS on the turf

L3 – 60 second hold, then HSPU partials or negatives AND practice freestanding HS on the turf

L2 – accumulate 60 seconds total time in handstand hold, pike push-ups with feet on tire or box

L0/1 – practice kicking up to the wall, pike push-ups

***ALL LEVELS: Between sets of HSPU/pikes, practice the HOLLOW/ARCH drill 2-3x



“The Trolley Problem”

Level 2-4
Double Kettlebell Complex
8 Rounds alternating with a partner 
4 Swings
8 Clean + Squat
4 Swings

L4 – 2×24/18

L3 – 2×22/16

L2- scale weight according to ability

L0/1 – sub single KB, split reps in half between right/left (2R/2L, 4/4, 2/2)