Thursday 8/27/15

Thursday 8/27/15

10 Years After Katrina – The New York Times. This is awesome…video, photos, an article…very well done. Check it out. For those of you new to the gym, we have some pretty deep Nola roots. Mario and Vanessa were both born and raised there and to those close to them, like Dave and Ivy, New Orleans is a second home….the food, the music, the architecture, the stories, the love, the SOUL. 

This is one of the best bits of all time!

Dunk Truck – Slots added on Tuesday, September 15th. There are only 5 slots left! You guys are killing it! If you’re doing the nutrition challenge or not, you should get your stats. The more you know….Sign up here.


Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups

Alternate with a partner:
3 sets
10 Kettlebell Swings


Partner “Eva”

5 Rounds AFAP
Run 800 yd 
30 Heavy Swings
30 Pull-ups 

Both partners run 400 together (equals 800). Can’t start the swings until both people have completed the run. Then ONLY ONE teammate can work at a time on the swings and pullups.  So alternate as needed to get the reps done (partners can break up the reps however they want, but the swings must be finished before moving on to pull-ups). Then both teammates run together again. 

L3/4 – KB 32/24, unassisted pull-ups 

L2 – no Rx weight/band pull-ups 

L0/1 – 4 Rounds, same as L2 or ring rows