Thursday 8/10/17

Thursday 8/10/17

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Speed Ladder (not run to Sessions – everyone who isn’t injured has to do speed ladder)
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

10 Swings
1/1 Getup


24 Minutes E4MOM (6 sets)

This is NOT a Metabolic Conditioning workout. You should take your time and make every rep perfect.
This is an EMOM so every minute you will begin a different exercise, then rest until the next minute starts.

If you don’t know what a Downdog or Pike is at this point, go here or here.

If there are more people than space available on the equipment, some of you can start with dips first or go on the odd minutes instead of evens.

Levels 3/4

1. 7 Weighted Pull-ups
2. 30 Second Downdog Stretch
3. 9 Dips
4. 30 Second Pike Stretch

Weighted pull-ups are strict dead-hang pull-ups with added weight (wearing a vest or hanging from a belt or held between your legs or hooked onto your foot). Strict, dead-hang means your arms are fully extended at the beginning of the rep, that your neck or chest TOUCHES the bar at the top of the rep, and that you do not swing or kip at all. 5 reps will be challenging, so start off light if you don’t know what you are capable of (25# or thereabouts). Half reps, forced reps, kipped reps–all bullshit. Go do that at your local crossfit bro gym. I don’t want to see it at MVMNT. It doesn’t impress anyone, and all you accomplish is…well nothing really, unless it makes your ego feel good to cheat yourself. So that said, if you cannot perform weighted pull-ups to the standard described above, just do the best regular neck or chest to bar pull-ups that you’ve ever done in your life (or maybe try holding one of the 5# dumbbells between your legs or putting a change plate in your pocket). You may break up the reps into singles or mini-sets, but you have exactly ONE minute to complete all five reps.
Dips should also be performed strict, with no kipping at all. You may use the rings (I would have a partner hold them stable for me) or the dip bar or between two 30″ plyo boxes.

Level 2

24 Minutes E4MOM (6 Sets)
1. 7 (Assisted) Pull-ups
2. 30 Second Downdog Stretch
3. 9 Box Dips
4. 30 Second Pike Stretch

You may use a band or have a partner help you by supporting your legs as you pull. Working with a partner is the better option for long term improvement, because your partner can assist you when you get stuck, whereas the band just always provides the same amount of assistance. Many of you at Level 2 have been using the same band for years. At some point, you’ll have to take off the training wheels and risk falling or you’ll never be able to ride your bike. Try doing the hard work required to get pull-ups. First brace your midsection for a gut punch and scissor your thighs together. Initiate the pull with your BACK muscles, NOT your arms. Pull your shoulder blades together and feel your chest open up, then crush the bar in your hands as you pull your elbows down and back. Next thing you know your chin is over the bar. But if you aren’t mindfully doing all that EVERY time we train pull-ups, you’ll still be reaching for a band in two years. Strength is a skill, it doesn’t happen by accident.

Level 0/1

24 Minutes E4MOM (6 Sets)
1. 12 TEMPO Ring Rows
2. 30 Second Downdog Stretch
3. 12 Box Dips
4. 30 Second Pike Stretch

Tempo ring rows work like this: From the setup position, retract your shoulder blades first, then pull to the top of the row, pause for a 1-one thousand count, then lower back to the start position on a 3-count. Your biceps and lats should be smoked after a couple of rounds of this, and it should be almost impossible to complete a set of 10 without stopping, or you aren’t challenging yourself.

6 Rounds NFT

20 yd Heavy Sled Push
100 yd Heavy Sandbag Carry (out and back to the first telephone pole toward Sessions St)