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Thursday 8/13/20


0:00 – 15:00

Run to Sessions 2x
Instructor Mobility


15:00 – 30:00

3 work sets

8 Romanian Deadlifts
8/8 Kettlebell Seated Press R/L
Rest 30-60 seconds between each movement


30:00 – 35:00

Workout explanation and Movement practice

35:00 – 55:00

“Cerberus Assembly”

4x EMOM (20 minutes)
40/20 interval

Kettlebell Plyo Sumo deadlift
Speed ladder lateral 2-in-2-out cut and run (use half of a ladder)
Handstand Wall Walk Up
Rotational Ball Slam

– KB Sumo Deadlift: two hands on one bell, RESET EACH REP to keep your back safe
– Speed ladder: distance from start of ladder to the cone is 5 yards total
– Handstand Wall Walk: only go as high as you can maintain a solid hollow plank position through your trunk and hips, and keep your shoulders safe by actively pushing away from the floor for the duration of the move
– Rotational Ball Slam: twist and throw the ball down to one side, when you pick it up twist and slam it on the other side


55:00 – 60:00