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Thursday 6/30/16

Looking at you, Wissing Clan.

barbells, Barbells, BARBELLS: This Saturday at 10:30 am come get your free deadlift, squat & press lesson from THE Trent Brumfield. 

Nothing says Happy Independence like sweating off the night before in the middle of a track!! Join us for an outdoor workout on Monday at 10:00 am.  *The actual gym is closed that day.* Get it while it’s hot. **Roman candles optional.**

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series

Clean Progression
L3/4 – Barbell – stop after Power Cleans
L0-2 – PVC – stop after Hang Power Cleans

Review Jerks


3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
Power Clean and Jerk

Work up to a heavy triple.

Levels 0/1
8 x 5/5 (R/L)
Single Kettlebell Clean and Push Press (continue working until higher levels are done with jerks)



12 Minutes AMRAP
5 Push Press
10 Pull-ups
15 Box Jumps

L4 – 115/85, C2B
L3 – 95/65
L2 – Double Kb PP, band/jumping pull-ups
L1 – Single Kb PP (5 reps per arm), ring rows, broad jumps if necessary

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