Thursday 6/11/15

Thursday 6/11/15

Bittersweet day as we say goodbye, congratulations, and good luck to Jamie Pollock as she heads to Australia. Jamie accepted a spot on South Melbourne FC, an Australian women’s professional soccer team.

Lots of people are signed up for 101!! If you haven’t done so yet, get on it. It’s free. It’s informative. It’s an intimate couple of hours with Mario. Saturday at 10:30 am. There’s no workout so you can hit the 9:30 CrossFit class and then 101. Please have your notebook handy to take notes. Sign up under workshops.

Yoga this weekend!!! Sunday at 4 pm. Yoga will happen every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month. Need the mobility, flexibility, balance, etc to get into a good squat? Want to snatch and look like you know what’s up? You probably need to stretch it out in yoga. Bam. 

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series

Levels 2-4
Clean Progression
Practice movements from the barbell complex with empty bar/light weight

Levels 0/1
10 Downdog Push-ups
Practice movements from the kettlebell circuit with light weight


“Free Range Children”

Levels 2-4
Barbell Complex – 6 Rounds/6 Reps of each movement
Alternate each round with a partner (2-3 people per bar)

Clean Pull
Hang Power Clean
Behind the Neck Lunge (3 per side)
Behind the Neck Snatch-grip Power Jerk

The barbell complex should be performed with the same load for all 6 rounds. This rep scheme is extremely challenging. Each round is one unbroken set. If you can’t finish all 30 reps, your score is 0 for that round. There are to be NO broken sets–once you put the bar down, it is your partner’s turn. If you change the weight on the bar between rounds, your load score is 0. Post total completed rounds and the load to comments below (e.g. 5/135).

Levels 0/1
Double Kettlebell Complex
5 Reps each unless noted

Clean and Press
Clean and Lunge
Get-up (one on each side)
Clean and Front Squat

Rest 1-2 minutes before the next circuit.