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Thursday 3/16/17

17.4 Live Announcement Tonight at 8 pm. **Special Guest Appearance**

The Open honeymoon is over. The excitement is wearing off and it can start to feel more like an obligation than an opportunity. Week 4 calls upon your mental fortitude. (Don’t forget, it’s just a workout.) Whether you’ve set new PRs or felt a little defeated after an Open workout, remember each week is a chance to push yourself a little harder, embrace your weaknesses and support your teammates. It’s time to dig deep, show up and go to work. We are all here to improve.

But then 17.5 will be here before you know it and the Open will be over. If you are participating in the Open and can swing it, plan to join us for the final workout and BBQ on Saturday, March 25th. This is one of our favorite events of the year. Every single MVMNT Member should make plans to attend. Bring your friends & fam, watch the final heats of 17.5 and celebrate each others hard work with meat and beer.

17.5 is calling for some MAJOR team spirit. Get creative, get loud and get proud. Let’s have a little fun with it.

#tbt to 16.4. Just in case there’s a repeat. Isn’t there always a repeat?

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility

1/1 Getups
10 Swings
30 Second Handstand

L0/1 – substitute Downdog hold with feet elevated on a box/stall bars


15 Minutes:
Rowing Technique
Jump Rope practice

Everyone should get 3 turns on the C2 erg. It should take 30-45 seconds to hit the target number of cals/strokes for each level. Rotate through the other exercises while you wait your turn.

Level 4
Row 12 Cals
5 TRIPLE Unders (just attempts if you can’t get it)
30 second L-Sits
Rest 30 seconds between each exercise

Level 3
Row 12 Cals
10 CONSECUTIVE Double Unders
30 second L-Sit
Rest 30 seconds between each exercise

Level 2
Row 10 Cals
60 seconds Double Under practice
15 second L-Sit
Rest 30 seconds between exercises

Levels 0/1
Row 15 Strokes
60 seconds jump rope practice
15 second Knee-Tuck-Sit
Rest 30 seconds between exercises


20 Minutes

Levels 2-4

Barbell Clean Progression

5 Sets
3 Hang Power Cleans (from knees)
30/30 Side Plank
30 Second Downdog Stretch
Rest 60-90 seconds

Levels 0/1

6-8 Sets
6/6 Single KB Russian Step-ups
6 Double KB Push Press
30 Second Plank with Shoulder Taps
Rest 60 seconds


40 yd Kettlebell Waiter Walk R/L
30 Bicycle Sit-ups (pause when elbow touches knee)