Thursday 3/19/20

Thursday 3/19/20

Here’s a quarantine workout you can do at home with no equipment.


0:00 – 15:00
Start with 5 minutes of easy cardio: jumping jacks, high knees, jump rope, jogging, etc
Then spend about 10 minutes doing joint circles, hip/shoulder mobility, global spinal extension, flexion, and rotation drills.


20:00 – 40:00

“Stalag 17”

3-5x (20 minute limit)


Run around the block (or about 1/4 mile)
10-15 Burpees
15-25 Air Squats

***More is not necessarily better here. Choose a number of rounds and a rep scheme for which you can maintain a high level of output for the entire time–if you have to stop and catch your breath because you’re doing 15 burpees, you should only be doing 12 or 10; if you can’t do 25 squats without pausing, just do 15. Your last round shouldn’t be more than 10% slower than your first.

40:00 – 50:00
Cool down and stretch–calf stretches, hip openers, quad stretches