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Thursday 1/26/17

Level Tests – They are coming up quick. Unless you’re Level 4, you need to get your name on the list.

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Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

15 Minutes

Levels 3/4
3-5 Nose to Wall Handstand Walk Outs*
12 Alternating Pistols

*For this exercise, start in a Handstand facing the wall, then shift your weight over your fingertips until your feet are no longer touching and you are balancing on your hands. Taking little steps, walk out about 5-6 feet and then either drop over into the bridge or walk back to the wall and come down.

Levels 0-2
3x Handstand Wall Walk Up
10/10 Box Step Ups

Starting in a plank with your feet touching the wall, walk your feet up and then walk your hands in as far as you are comfortable, if possible all the way into a nose to wall handstand. Keep your midsection engaged and your pelvis tucked the entire time, so your body stays in a strong plank all the way up the wall. Reverse the movement to come down.


Levels 2-4
18 Minutes (FIVE sets: first work set starts at 3:00, last work set is at 15:00)

3 Strict Presses
Work up to ~85% of your 1RM

Levels 0/1
18 Minutes (first work set starts at 3:00, last work set is at 15:00)

5 Double Kettlebell Press
30 second Plank



4 Minute Rounds, each for max reps:

1st minute: Box Jumps
2nd minute: Burpees
3rd minute: Swings
4th minute: REST

Keep track of your reps each round. Your final score should be 5 numbers (eg, 72/69/75/71/70)

L4 – 32/24
L3 – 28/22
L2 – no Rx
L0/1 – can sub step ups for box jumps