Thursday 1/14/16

Thursday 1/14/16

Sorry you didn’t win last night. But registration for the 2016 CrossFit Games starts today…..probably won’t win that either. Playing is just as fun though (I swear)! When the west coast finally wakes up, you can sign up at

Level 1/2 Test: Monday, January 25th at 7 pm. If you want to take (and pass) this test, sign up is an absolute mandate. You’ll find it in the same place you sign up for class under Workshops.

Level 3 Test: Saturday, February 6th at 10:30 am. Reminder that you’ll need to know to DAM and Speed Ladder in order. 

Sign up is required for all testing. Do that here.

American Heart Association CPR/AED Certification: Sunday, February 7th at 1:00 pm. Sold out. 

The Movement Fix Workshop: Sunday, February 21st, $199. In a nutshell, specifically designed for athletes and trainers to identity mobility weaknesses, learn how to fix them and set PRs. You can learn more here. (Gym is closed all day.)

Gym Closure: This Saturday & Sunday for a chiropractic seminar. 

SAVE THE DATE: On February 27th, Annie DeCrescente makes her professional MMA debut in Chattanooga (the closest she’s ever fought to ATL). We’re all going! Details and tickets are here. We’ll probably caravan up that day. Maybe we hit up a local CF gym before the fight? Food, beverages, fun? Open to suggestions! 

When you’re editing your child’s non-emoji paper….


Jump Rope 3 minutes


20 Minutes
All Levels
Barbell Snatch Progression

3-5 reps of each movement

I have broken the sequence into 3 sections. When sharing a barbell with a partner, you switch at those breaks, NOT after each drill.

Hold the barbell with a snatch-width hook grip.

Dip + Shrug
Dip + High Pull
Dip + High Pull + Footwork transition

Overhead Squat
Behind the neck Jerk
Snatch Balance
Drop Snatch

Tall Power Snatch
Above the Knee Power Snatch
Power Snatch (from the Floor)

The whole class will go through the progression as a group the first time.
L3/4 – first with empty bar, then add weight and keep going through until time is up
L2 – start with pvc, then move to empty bar
L0/1 – practice with pvc


10 Minute Limit ALL Levels

Levels 3/4
3 Rounds AFAP
60 Double Unders (L3 – 30)
10 KB Clean and Push Press R (L4 – 24/18, L3 – 22/16)
10 KB Clean and Push Press L

Level 2
3 Rounds AFAP
180 Single Unders OR 30 Double Unders
10 KB Clean and Push Press R (20/14)
10 KB Clean and Push Press L

Levels 0/1
5 Rounds AFAP
Jump Rope 60 Seconds
5 KB Clean and Push Press R
5 KB Clean and Push Press L