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Thursday 10/13/16

Weekend Schedule:
Tomorrow – 6 am only
Saturday – 10 am at Larry Bell Park **Please sign up ASAP**
Sunday – Closed

Your country needs you. This is an emergency request.

Team PrettyStrong is looking for volunteers this weekend to help at Raw Nationals. If you’re interested in hanging out with the strongest men and women in the United StatesĀ for a few hours, please text Vanessa at 504.881.7512. Any amount of time you can give between today and Sunday at 7 pm is much appreciated. The event is taking place downtown at America’s Mart.

Run to Sessions

10 Minutes – Animal Locomotion
10 yd Downdog Walk
10 yd Lateral Ape Walk
10 yd Backwards Downdog Walk
10 yd Lateral Monkey Walk

“Guns of Navarone”

Levels 2-4
24 Minutes E4MOM (6 rounds)
400 yd Run
Wall Balls

L3/4 – 20 reps
L2 – 15 reps

**If you cannot stay ahead of the 4 minute clock, after the workout hold 2 heavy kettlebells in the front rack position for 10 seconds per missed rep.

Levels 0/1
400 yd Run
10 Wall Balls
10 Kettlebell Swings

3x 10 Ab Wheel Rollouts
40 yd Single Kettlebell Suitcase Carry R/L