Monday 9/14/15

Monday 9/14/15

That’s what 15 PRs look like. Congrats to Mark and Juan for conquering their first PR Saturday! They joined the Tribe when it first kicked off and have been relentless in their pursuit of mastering Olympic weightlifting technique. It is a long long journey (hopefully, they’ll get that good arch soon and move to the floor!). “This has been good. It makes the workouts with Oly lifts in them way easier and we look good doing it.” -Juan B. No doubt there, Brother!! If you are making the transition from Level 2-3-4, you should be in the Olympic lifting class. If you are interested in going to CF competitions, start looking at the workouts. Without question, cleans, jerks and snatches, possibly 1 rep maxes, will be there. The best way to improve your own technique, get a chance to catch the bar in the bottom of a squat, and out lift the athlete next to you is to get your feet on the platform under the watchful eye of Lyndzey Dare. Bet.

The Dunk Truck will be at the gym today and tomorrow. There are two more dunks available today at 5 & 5:15 pm. You can sign up here. Please be sure you’re on time for your appointment and you are prepared to pay any outstanding balances. -I see what you did there, Cope.

Whole Life Challenge starts on Saturday. If you think a few hours in the gym cancels out the fried food, poor sleep, lack of water, randomly popping vitamins….think again. 99.9% 100% of you sit down in the intro and say you want to lose weight or gain mass or feel better or get stronger and get healthier. This challenge is your opportunity to follow through on those statements YOU made to us when asked, “Why are you here?” I, for one, am ready to clean my diet back up, get enough sleep, reduce stress and just dial everything back in from this summer of fun. 


Getting healthy. What comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you probably picture some kind of gym, a workout, and a bright, vegetable-laden meal.

We see this vision because we’re conditioned to think that health and wellness occurs in certain locations in our lives — the gym, the salad bar, the doctor’s office. These are the places in space and time where our health is handled. We designate the rest of the world for other things, the “in-betweens” where health and fitness isn’t our primary concern.

In those “in betweens”, we suffer the slings and arrows of poor choices — limited sleep, mindless eating, unchecked stress — all with the accompanying promise that we’ll take care of our health “tomorrow”, if the opportunity arises.

The truth is, we can’t afford this luxury. The gym, the salad bar, the doctor’s office — these are merely single stars in a constellation, a small gathering in a whole universe of well-being. While they can deliver improved health and fitness, these points aren’t the whole story.

Instead, we need to adopt the idea that health and wellness are available to us everywhere, ours for the taking if we understand the concept of well-being. Unlike “health,” well-being isn’t a number. You won’t find it on a scale, and your doctor can’t give it to you during a checkup. Well-being is what you create in the spaces in between. It’s how you interact with your health and your life.

Well-being comes from slowing down, from learning to appreciate what you have, from finding value in the connections in your life. There’s no amount of putting the “practices” of health and fitness into your life — the gym, the salad bar, the doctor’s office — that will give you the experience of well-being.

To live in the “in betweens”, to live in a state of well-being, put your life in context. Ask the important questions about your daily activities, and put additional value on choices that improve both your health metrics (blood pressure, lipids, body fat) as well your intangibles (happiness, connectedness, peace of mind). Allow yourself to discover, moment by moment, the opportunities to do health and to be well, the opportunity to pursue both simultaneously.

Well-being is the universe that exists in the “in betweens.” It is an experience you can have daily. It’s the people you connect with, your goals, your efforts, and the meaning you give your life.

Concentrate on well-being, and discover how the journey nourishes your entire life. When you do, you’ll understand the real context of health and fitness, and you’ll understand that the gym, the salad bar, and the doctor don’t even begin to cover it, because well-being is a universe.

If you’re interested in the idea that well-being is more than diet and exercise, consider joining us for the next Whole Life Challenge. In addition to these cornerstones of health, we concentrate on hydration, flexibility, reflection, and weekly lifestyle challenges (such as increasing your gratitude and meditating regularly) that will improve your overall connectedness and lead you to a better place.

Join MVMNT For Life for the journey.


Jump Rope 3 minutes

10 Minutes
10 yd Downdog Walk
10 yd Frog Hop
10 yd Lateral Ape Walk
10 yd Reverse Downdog Walk
10 yd Reverse Frog Hop


10 Minutes Handstand Practice

L4 – 60 second hold, then sub-maximal sets of handstand push-ups (NO KIPPING)

L3 – 60 second hold, then HSPU partials or negatives

L2 – accumulate 60 seconds total time in handstand hold, pike push-ups with feet on tire or box

L0/1 – practice kicking up to the wall, pike push-ups

***ALL LEVELS: Between sets of HSPU/pikes, practice the HOLLOW/ARCH drill 2-3x


***ALL LEVELS: Review the Clean Progression as a group 

5 x 4
Power Clean @ 75%

Level 2
Power Clean Progression w/empty bar then light weight Practice

Levels 0/1
Power Clean Progression w/PVC
5 x 10
Heavy Kettlebell Swings



Levels 3/4
8 Minutes AMRAP
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders

Levels 0-2
Substitute 120 Single Unders if necessary.