Monday 9/12/16

Monday 9/12/16


 This week we are testing 1 Rep Max’s in the Squat and Deadlift.  So for today’s workout, the primary focus is going as heavy as possible in the Squat.  The gymnastic skill training is secondary. If you have been consistently hitting the squat days hard in the last couple of training cycles, I want to see a new 1RM today. If you’ve been sporadically lifting because of injury/summer vacation/laziness, go by feel but don’t expect big gains. 

Here’s how I’d suggest most Level 3 and 4 lifters should tackle hitting a new PR:

Start with five easy reps at roughly 55%, followed by three solid reps at about 70%, then one rep at ~80, then 90, then a PR at 102-105% (and take one more 3-5% heavier attempt only if 105% was easy). 

Level 2 lifters can use the same approach, or if you’ve been using a ballpark estimate for your 100% because you’ve never done a 1RM, then you should gauge your potential based on how you’ve felt with the max effort AMRAP sets during this cycle. If you’ve been barely getting one or two extra reps on the 5+ sets, then be conservative as you select your 1RM goal today. On the other hand if you’ve gotten more than 10 reps every time, you can aim big. 

Whatever your strategy, take your time between the last few attempts. FIVE full minutes rest between sets. Give it everything you’ve got. Make sure you use good technique, hit the appropriate depth, and use at least two spotters. Trust your strength, stay focused, get the lift.  Good luck!

Mark Sauro’s Ego: In a landslide victory, as if anything else were an option, Mark Sauro’s Ego crushed mere mortals at trivia night on Saturday.

Jk. Jk.

The Defending Champs beat everyone out once again heading into the final round with almost all of the teams tied up for first and second. Sadly, if you were a nonparent, you might have been at a disadvantage in the final bonus round trying to guess animated movies that Steve Carell is credited in. Congrats to first place “Defending Champs” made up of Mandy, Brad, Jerry “The Ringer” Cappello, Sarah & Joseph Elliott and to “Thruster Barely Knew Her” coming in second with Jonathan Del Ray, Nicole and Andrew Pankopp. Honorable mention goes to “E2 Your Mom” with Hilary & Eric Woods, Niki and Robert. Final shoutout to Mark Sauro’s Ego for a great team name. Unfortunately, a trophy was not awarded.

Level 1/2 Test: Tonight at 7 pm. Please sign up.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series

Lift – take as long as you need 
Levels 2-4

Levels 0/1
5 x 8
Double Kettlebell Front Squat


Complete as much work as possible with the rest of the time available. 

Level 4
5 x 
5 Weighted Pull-ups
15 Push-ups
25 second L-sit
20 Wall Balls

Level 3
20 Weighted Pull-ups
60 Pushups
100 second L-sit
75 Wall Balls

Level 2
30 Chin-ups
30 Hanging Scap Retractions
50 Pushups
100 Second L-sit
50 Wall Balls

Levels 0/1
50 Ring Rows
30 Hanging Scap Retractions
30 Box Pushups
180 Second pushup position plank
50 Wall Balls