Monday 6/6/16

Monday 6/6/16

Pure Torture: Shout out to one of our original members, Mark Adams, on finishing the Torture Trail 10k run this weekend! 

Dunk Truck: The body composition mobile testing truck will be in our parking lot today from 3-6. This is SOLD OUT. The truck returns in September. 

Level 1/2 Test: Tonight at 7 pm. The only way to test is to sign up. 

This is week one of a four week clean/front squat strength cycle.  Calculate new 1RMs based on the max effort sets from the last cycle.  Plug in your numbers to the calculator here at  We will be training the back squat, front squat, and power jerk as well as working on power and squat cleans almost daily.

Jump Rope 3 Minutes
Hip Mobility Series

Power Clean Progression 
L3/4 – Barbell
L0-2 – PVC


3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
Power Clean 

Work up to a heavy triple.

Level 2
Light weight Hang Power Clean Practice

Levels 0/1
5 x 10
Heavy Kettlebell Swings

After the Cleans:

Levels 2-4
3 x 3 
Back Squat (sets across at 75% 1RM)

Levels 0/1
5 x 5 
Kettlebell Squats



Levels 3/4
8 Minutes AMRAP
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders

Levels 0-2
Substitute 120 Single Unders if necessary.