Monday 6/27/16

Monday 6/27/16

Intro to the Barbell: Free class this Saturday for anyone making the move from kettlebells to the bar. The agenda includes the deadlift, back squat, press and power clean. 10:30 am. Please sign up!

July 4th: Gym is closed. We’ll have one class at Larry Bell Park at 10:00 am. We need a headcount so we know how much equipment to bring…..we know you have the day off. So, sign up and we’ll see you there! 

Level 3 Test: Saturday, July 9th at 10:30 am.
Level 1/2 Test: Monday, July 11th at 7 pm.


Training isn’t always fun. At least if you have a goal for your training other than training itself – if the training is what you enjoy, then do whatever you enjoy and I won’t talk you out of it. But if you train for a specific purpose – such as competition in a sport like weightlifting – the reality is that at least some of your training will likely be unenjoyable but necessary for the improvement of your performance.

The trick is not necessarily to find ways to enjoy these things, because you probably never will, but to recognize their importance and appreciate the role they play in your progress. By doing this, you’ll have no choice but to take them seriously, and if you take them seriously, you’ll do them well and they’ll in turn work well for you.

What this is varies among athletes, but it’s usually stuff like ab work, mobility work, and stability work – the boring stuff you have to do along with the exciting things. This is the stuff no one wants to see videos of on Instagram, but it’s also the stuff that helps you do the things that people DO want to see better.

Be sure you give yourself time and have the energy for these things – don’t get lazy and let time pass without them, because once you develop that habit, it’s extremely tough to break.

Speed Ladder
Hip Mobility Series

Power Clean Progression
L3/4 – Barbell
L0-2 – PVC


“Smack It Up”

Level 2-4

E4MOM – 24 Minutes

5 Clean and Jerk
10 Bar Facing Burpees
50 Double Unders

L4 – 155/125
L3 – 135/105, 25 DUs if you can’t string them
L2 – at least 75/55, 10 DUs if you really struggle (at least 1 minute of DU practice per round)

Level 0/1

AMRAP – 20 Minutes

5 Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
10 Burpees
120 Singles

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