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Monday 3/5/18

MVMNT Strong – From the Whole Life Challenge to powerlifting to Olympic weightlifting to the Open, Team MVMNT put on a great showing this weekend.

Whole Life Challenge – After six weeks of tracking nutrition, sleep, exercise, mobility and journaling the entire experience, the Whole Life Challenge is 18.DONE. And two out of the three Open Team Captains took home first and second place wins. Turn Down for WOD’s sidekick, Andrew, took third followed by his mother-in-law. How freaking awesome is that??

Massive congratulations to every single person that started and finished strong. Six weeks feels like a lifetime when you’re trying to make life changing habits. We look forward to taking on the next WLC with you!

The 2018 Arnold Classic Sports Festival

Becci Holcomb is your new deadlift only Female American record holder with a 562 lbs white light lift.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility

10 Overhead Squats
5 Downdog Push-ups

L2-4 – barbell
L0/1 – PVC pipe Face the Wall OHS


Levels 3/4
(21 Minutes total)

Take 15 minutes (including warmup sets) to work up to a heavy single back squat for the day, then:

6 minutes E2MOM (3 sets)
3 Back Squats at 85% of today’s heavy single

Note the difference in the lifts for Level 2 and Levels 3/4. If you have not PASSED the Level 3 test, your workout is written BELOW.

Level 2

Take 20 minutes (this includes warmup sets) and work up to your heaviest Back Squat triple.
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
Stop when your form breaks down–make sure your chest stays up, hips go below parallel, knees track the toes, heels stay rooted.
If you hit your max early, you can do some lighter back-off sets for technique practice.

Levels 0/1

6-8 Sets

8 Double Kettlebell Squats
4/4 Plyo Step-ups
8 Ball Up Sit-ups
30 second Reverse Tabletop
Rest 1 minute



10 Minutes AMRAP

Levels 2-4

5 Pull-ups
10 Box Jumps
15 Wall Balls

L4 – C2B pullups

Levels 0/1

10 Wall Balls
20 yd Broad Jumps (once down the turf)
10 Ring Rows