Monday 2/8/16

Monday 2/8/16

Better diet, better performance. The Open Nutrition Challenge starts soon. If you’re interested in learning how to fuel your training, you need to get to the Nutrition Talk & Rules Briefing on Saturday at 10:30 am. 

Clearing up Open confusion. Any member at any level can participate in the Open. You may choose between Rx and Scaled versions of the workout each week.  Level 2 & below, you’ll need any willing member to count your reps on Fridays (most people are glad to count at least once).

To be scored by a certified judge (ie Coaches and select members that have taken the judges course), you must be Level 3 and doing the workouts as Rx. 

Whatever the workout is announced on Thursday night by Dave Castro, will be the daily training each Friday during the Open. You’ll be doing the workouts anyways. If want to compare your scores to 270,000 other people, sign up for the Open. We will still break the workout down by our level system for everyone not participating in the Open. 

We think that being a Level 3 MVMNT athlete will make the Open enjoyable and doable. It is highly likely that handstand pushups, muscle ups, and very heavy loads will show up in the workouts. If you cannot do those things, some of the workouts might not be so fun and you’ll find yourself having to do the scaled version. 

Generally, the Open is a great experience. It pushes you work a little harder, clean up your diet and mobilize like no one’s watching. It is five weeks of potential PRs, struggle and commitment. All day Thursday you’re a nervous wreck wondering what the workout will be and too excited to sleep once you hear all of the movements are in your wheelhouse. You’ll probably get a a little banged up, rip your calluses and get bruises that last a month. It will play to your strengths and highlight your weaknesses and you’ll be glad you did it. Join us. Sign up at


Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series


Levels 2-4

5 x 5 @ 80%

Levels 0/1

5 x 6
Double Kettlebell Front Squat


Level 4

5 x AFAP
8 Single Rep Max Effort Kips*
12 Ring Push-ups 
25 sec Hollow Rock
10 Plyo Step-ups R/L

Break up reps into manageable sets

Level 3
25 Single Rep Max Effort Kips*
50 Ring Push-ups
120 Sec Hollow Rocks
50 Plyo Step-ups R/L

*The idea is to kip so hard your belly comes to the bar–the sternum should be well above it. You should drop down and release the bar after every rep.

Level 2
25 Chin-ups
40 Ring Push-ups
120 Sec Hollow Hold
120 Lunges (alternating)

Levels 0/1
50 Ring Rows
30 Ring Push-ups
120 Sec Hollow back practice
100 Lunges (alternating)