Monday 2/29/16

Monday 2/29/16

The Open: 16.1 scores are due now!! You must submit by 8pm EST today. All scores submitted as of Sunday at midnight have been validated.

Nutrition Challenge: Points are due by midnight tonight. Email If you slipped this weekend, you need to pay the pot. Don’t forget to post your food prep game in our Facebook group.

Dunk Truck: Body composition testing at the gym. Monday, March 14th. Secure your spot here.

Dynamic Athletic Movement

3 Sets
10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Downdog Push-ups
2 Turkish Getups R/L

Levels 2-4
3 – 3 – 3
Work up to a new 3 rep max. USE 2 SPOTTERS

Levels 0/1
10 x 5 
Double Kettlebell Front Squat – heavy!
Rest 60-90 seconds between sets. 


20 Yd Sled Push