Monday 2/22/16

Monday 2/22/16

Countdown to the Open: 3 days, 10 hours. Come to the gym Thursday night at 8 pm to watch the live announcement on the big screen with your fellow members and watch two our own battle it out on 16.1.

Clarification. Starting this Friday, each week you will be offered two versions of the workout: Rx or Scaled. You get to pick which one you want to do each week. So, if 16.1 is the 7 minute AMRAP of burpees…EVERYONE goes Rx. If it’s muscle ups and pistols and you cannot execute the movements as prescribed, go scaled. You’ll get judged and enter your score. You may end up with 4 Rx workouts and 1 scaled or all scaled or all Rx. Unless you are Regionals bound, it doesn’t matter. If you have an amazing score on a workout, you will contribute to the team score and you’ll be glad you have a record of scores and where you stacked up in 2016 against the whole CrossFit world.

Nutrition Challenge. Points are due to by midnight tonight. Everyday you’re late, you owe the pot one dollar.

Dunk Truck. Sign up to get your stats.

Warmup Dynamic Athletic Movement Hip Mobility Series Lift Levels 2-4 3 x 5 @ 60% (next week we max out)  Squat Levels 0/1 5 x 5 Double Kettlebell Front Squat Conditioning “Weasel” With a partner for time 5 Rounds 8 Clean & Jerk Double Kettlebell Rack Hold 40 Double Unders Double Kettlebell Rack Hold ***22 Box Jump Penalty*** Partner A will start the Clean & Jerks when Partner B has secured the kettlebells in the rack position. When 8 CNJs are complete, Partner B does 8 CNJs while Partner A holds. Repeat with Double unders to equal 1 round. ***If either partner releases the bells from the rack until all required reps are complete by the other partner, BOTH stop and do 22 box jumps each before continuing. L4 – CNJ 155/115 L4 – Rack hold 24s/16s L3 – 135/95 L3 – 20s/12s For L0-2 Single kettlebell Clean + Press R/L Hold plank 120 single unders Hold Plank