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Monday 11/2/15

Huge shout out to everyone that dressed up on Friday! There was some pretty epic costuming going on!! Voting will commence among the instructors and winners will be announced on Wednesday. You can see everyone’s costumes here.

Whole Life Challenge Day 45: Forty-Five. Getting this far has been no small feat and I hope everyone on this journey is proud of making it to this point. And now we’re on downhill! Less than two weeks, Players. We got this. 

Lifestyle Challenge Practice Dates: Saturday, October 31st to Friday, November 6th

Simple Instructions:

  • Take at least 10 minutes each day to do something you love.
  • It does not need to have any practical purpose. You can do it simply because you love it.
  • You can choose something different each day.

Why is this practice important?

When we grow up, we learn that there needs to be a reason for the things we do. The common wisdom: if there’s no purpose to a pursuit, it should be shelved, or at least put on the back burner until the “important” things are done.

What if you stopped thinking this way?  What if you stopped needing to justify the things that make you happy? After all, your life doesn’t belong to anyone else—it’s yours alone. Certainly, happiness could take a larger role.

Taking the time you need to make yourself happy is no less important than serving other people. We are conditioned to think that obligations to others come prior to any obligations we have to ourselves—particularly if the obligation to ourselves is to “relax” or “play.” Perhaps your joy is as valid a consideration as your service to others.

Next up: Gobble Jog & Annual T-Day Workout. Details are on the events page. 


Dynamic Athletic Movement

3 Sets
1 Getup per side
5 Down Dog Push-ups 
10 Kettlebell Swings


-Single Arm Swing
-Overhead Lockout

Kettlebell High Pull
Kettlebell Snatch


Levels 2-4
3 x 5 @ 75-80-85%

Level 0/1
5 x 10 
Double Kettlebell or Goblet Squats



Alternate with a partner (12 min limit)

10 x 5 yd Lateral Shuttle 
Right Side Plank 
10 x 5 yd Lateral Shuttle
Left Side Plank

L2-4 – 5 rounds
L0/1 – 4 rounds

Keep your hips low and square to the line and do NOT cross your feet as you move sideways. Transition quickly between exercises. You should begin side shuffle only once your partner is actively in the side plank position.