Monday 10/5/15

Monday 10/5/15

WLC Day 17:  Your brain may be tempting you to reward yourself with a “treat” for being “good” for so long. (Two weeks on the WLC is a real accomplishment!) There is a science-y name for this phenomenon: restraint bias. And we do not want you falling into its trap… so let’s call it out now, shall we?

Restraint bias is the form of self-deception that gets dieters into trouble more than anything else. It goes like this: You’ve worked really hard to stick to your program. You’re feeling better, looking better, all your friends are congratulating you on your restraint, and telling you how impressed they are with your resolve. And you’re feeling pretty darn good about it, too. Which is exactly when you decide your impulse control is sufficient enough to let you relax.

“I’ve done so well, I’ve learned my lessons, I feel great… I can cut this thing short. I’m different now!” You know what happens next… our inflated sense of self-restraint is exactly what causes us to relapse, right back into old habits (and our old waistline).

On average, based on scientific studies and habit research, it takes 66 days to cement a new habit. Some can be learned in as early as 8, others take as long as 8 months to “settle in.” But 16 days is selling yourself, and your results, short. Don’t let restraint bias short-circuit your results! Allow yourself the time you need to really let these new behaviors settle in. 


Dynamic Athletic Movement

10 Minutes: Movement Flow
Downdog Walk, Frog Hop, Lateral Ape Walk
Reverse Downdog Walk, Reverse Frog Hop, Lateral Monkey Walk

Try doing a few reps of one movement and then switching immediately into a different pattern seamlessly. Start slowly and as you practice increase the speed. Be mindful to use correct form as you play with flowing from one animal to the next. Try to keep moving for the entire 10 minutes.


10 Minutes Pull-up/Crow + Somersault Practice

L4 – 3-5 unbroken sets of 2/3/5 – 2 strict chest to bar/ 3 strict/ 5 kipping AND try pressing to Handstand from Crow/Tripod

L3 – kipping technique practice – swing/drive/kip/return

L2 – strict pull-up practice – sub-maximal sets/chin-ups/negatives/partial reps/scap-retractions

L0/1 – same as L2, and ring rows

***between sets of Pull-ups, practice finding your balance in the Crow pose, and then overbalance toward your fingertips, tucking your chin and rolling through a somersault into a squat stance. It should go without saying that if you can’t get into the Crow pose yet, work on that rather than the somersault.


***ALL LEVELS: Review the Clean Progression as a group

5 x 3
Power Clean @ 80%

Level 2
Power Clean Progression w/empty bar then light weight Practice

Levels 0/1
Power Clean Progression w/PVC
5 x 10
Heavy Kettlebell Swings




Levels 3/4
8 Minutes AMRAP
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders

Levels 0-2
Substitute 120 Single Unders if necessary.