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Monday 10/3/16

Massive congrats to everyone that competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge on Saturday!! (Not pictured: Brock Gaston & Jeff Wallis…military obligation) Since this is a global event, results won’t be available for a few days as scores continue to get entered. We’ll post them as soon as they become available.

Also, tip of the hat to Andrew Pankopp who competed in Battle of the Boxes IV at CrossFit Lokahi!!

Tonight, Level 1/2 Test @ 7 pm. 

Level 3 Test is this Saturday at 10:30 am. It’s the last test of 2016. So, you better get it in. Ps. Level 4 Test is coming November 5th. If you need to pass an L3 event in order to test for 4, this is your chance.

Don’t be that person. Dropping bars is an absolute no-go. You can drop beats. You can drop knowledge. But if you drop a bar, especially in the presence of Greg P., be prepared for extra super fun calisthenics….as an entire class. 


Dynamic Athletic Movement

10 Minutes – Animal Locomotion
10 yd Downdog Walk
10 yd Lateral Ape Walk
10 yd Panther Crawl
10 yd Frog Hop


Levels 3/4

Take 15 Minutes to work up to a heavy single Squat Snatch.
Then 6 Minutes E2MOM
3 Squat Snatches at 75-80% of today’s heavy single

Level 2

3 Power Snatches at 70% (calculate from most recent 1RM)
Rest 30 seconds
30 second Hanging L

Levels 0/1

5 Kettlebell Clean + Squat (Double KB)
Rest 30 seconds
30 second Hanging Knee Tuck
Rest 60 seconds


“Wooden Soldiers”

3x AFAP (15 Minute limit)

21 Swings
15 Burpees
9 Power Snatches

L4 – 32/24, Bar Facing Burpees, 115/95
L3 – 28/22, Bar Facing Burpees, 95/75
L2 – 24/20, Regular Burpees, 75/55
L0/1 – Sub 2KB Cleans and Push Press for Snatch