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Monday 1/28/19

Blender Bottle Social Media Challenge! Want a free blender bottle? All you have to do is post today’s blog picture on your social media and tag the gym! That’s it. Complete the Challenge by February 6th and we’ll get you a MVMNT Gym Blender Bottle. Cool, right?
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This Challenge is open to gym members only.

So, yeah. We have a Krav Maga Workshop on Feb 9! We want to see you there.

The new Kickboxing class starts THIS Saturday at 10:30. Bring your jumprope and a pair of boxing gloves.
This class is already included in your 3x a week membership or unlimited membership.

For this weeks Whole Life Challenge Well-Being Practice, participants are exploring our gratitude for people. The task is to write down someone who is important to you, and then write down why this person is important to you. What does this person mean to you, what is added to your life, and how does this person bring you joy or value?
Who popped up in your mind, MVMNT? Try this practice with us every day this week! 😊

❄ In case of inclement weather, be sure to refer to the blog (that’s what you’re reading now) for any class cancellations ❄

0:00 – 12:00
Jump Rope/Quick Feet 3 minutes
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 25:00
Kipping Pull-up Practice
Overhead Position Screen
Strict Pull-up Screen (must be able to do 3 reps strict to safely kip)
Controlled Swing on bar (hollow/arch)
Drive – load the hips as you come behind the bar
Kip up on floor
swing-drive-kip and pull chin over bar
Return phase (cycle to the next rep)

25:00 – 45:00

Levels 2-4

5 Sets (E4MOM)
5 Bench Press (same weight each set)
5 HIGH Box Jumps

L3/4: 80% all 5 sets
L2: use your second heaviest set from last week, OR just start conservative and add a little weight every set

Level 1
20 minutes

5 sets (E4MOM)
8 Double Kettlebell Floor Press
30 second Side Plank R/L
10 Box/Broad Jumps

45:00 – 50:00
Workout Prep

50:00 – 60:00
“Featherless Biped”

Level 4
Alternating Overhead Lunges (in place) – 95/65
48 Double Unders

Level 3
Alternating Overhead Lunges (in place) – 65/45
16 Double Unders (do 48 if DUs are easy for you)

Level 2
Same as L3
16 Alternating Farmer Hold Lunges
12 Push-ups

Levels 0/1
16 Alternating Lunges (Goblet if possible)
12 Push-ups

All Levels – Forward Lunges ONLY (no reverse), and please do not drop or set the weights on the turf