Friday 9/16/16

Friday 9/16/16

This Sunday – Open gym from 10:00-11:30 am ONLY.


**MVMNT Goes To Dobbins**


The Dobbins Details: Next Saturday, September 24th, we will hold class at Dobbins Air Force Base. EVERYONE IS INVITED (and highly encouraged to attend). Brock, aka COL (P) Gaston, has gone above and beyond the call of duty to welcome all of you to Dobbins for a workout like no other. 

The first workout will start at 9:30 am like our normal Saturday class. There will be a second workout. Maybe even a third bonus. That means we will be working out until noonish. Just like regular class, the workouts will be appropriate for all levels. 

You must, no if and or buts, sign up on Mind Body! Even if you think you might go, please sign up. You simply cannot walk onto a military installation. We will be submitting your names on Friday to the gate guard and will meet you at the gate. We want maximum participation from everyone. This is a BIG DEAL.

Next week, we will send out workout details, map deets, etc. In the meantime, plan to make plans to join us. 

After we finish at Dobbins, we’ll head down ATL Road to The Shops at Belmont for a block party. This event is FAMILY FRIENDLY! Bring your whole family for face painters, caricaturists, and balloon artists.

– Live music!
– Dine at delicious new restaurants!
Free gourmet popsicles by King of Pops! (need I say more??)
– Football watching and much more!

To recap, come workout on Dobbins next Saturday with monkey bars, humvees and Black Hawks. Then, have lunch a mile down the road at a giant party. It’s the perfect Saturday.


Birthday Thanks! First, shout out to Kathy & Jake for doing “Ivy” with me yesterday!! Second, many thanks to everyone that came out for dinner and drinks last night. It was a great night with great friends and I look forward to getting invites to your parties <insert toothy smile>.


Earlier this week we tested the 1 Rep Max in the Squat. Today the goal is going as heavy as possible in the Deadlift. If you have been consistently hitting the deadlift days hard in the last couple of training cycles, I want to see a new 1RM today. If you’ve been sporadically lifting because of injury/summer vacation/laziness, go by feel but don’t expect big gains.

Here’s how I’d suggest most Level 3 and 4 lifters should tackle hitting a new PR:

Start with THREE easy reps at roughly 55%, followed by TWO solid reps at about 70%, then ONE rep at ~80, then 90, then a PR at 102-105% (and take one more 3-5% heavier attempt only if 105% was easy).

Level 2 lifters can use the same approach, or if you’ve been using a ballpark estimate for your 100% because you’ve never done a 1RM, then you should gauge your potential based on how you’ve felt with the max effort AMRAP sets during this cycle. If you’ve been barely getting one or two extra reps on the 5+ sets, then be conservative as you select your 1RM goal today. On the other hand if you’ve gotten more than 10 reps every time, you can aim big.

Whatever your strategy, take your time between the last few attempts. FIVE full minutes rest between the heavy sets. Give it everything you’ve got. Make sure you use good technique, fully extend your hips and get your shoulders behind the bar at lockout. Good luck!

If you already went for your deadlift max yesterday, start with the gymnastic skill stuff today.  Ivy’s birthday workout is the conditioning for today (see yesterday’s post). 

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series

Lift – take as long as you need
Levels 2-4

Level 1
5 x 3

Level 0
5 x 5
Double Kettlebell Deadlift

Level 4
40 Yd Handstand Walk (forward roll out)
24 Handstand Pushups (L4 – kipping)
50 Stall Bar Leg Raises
100 Air Squats

Level 3
12 Crow to Somersault
20 Handstand Pushups (level 3 negatives)
50 Stall Bar Leg Raises
100 Air Squats

Level 2
120 Yd Spider/Crab walk
90 Sec Handstand Hold
50 Stall Bar Leg Raises/Knee Tucks
75 Air Squats

Level 0/1
80 Yd Spider/Crab walk
120 Sec Down Dog Hold
Practice Kicking Up to Handstand
30 Stall Bar Leg Raises/Knee Tucks
50 Air Squats