Friday 8/21/15

Friday 8/21/15

“If you are thinking without knowing that you’re thinking, you’re confused about who and what you are.” -Sam Harris

TOMORROW: It’s the big 3/4 Test Day! Remember, signing up is on the checklist. Monday night is Level 1/2. Only a few spots remain for this test. So, if you’re thinking about it..get in where you fit in.

Link Love:
What is the Whole Life Challenge? (You can sign up up until the challenge starts on September 19th.)
Unlimited members can digitally log workouts on Beyond the Whiteboard (Email Ivy to request your free membership.)
Run with the TEAM! We have a small group of Spartan Racers including the likes of MARIO, LB, Trent, Ben. Want to join our team? And do it for FREE? (Cause it ain’t cheap) Email Ivy SUBJECT: Free Race

The Dunk Truck is coming to the gym. Space is limited and people are already signing up. Here’s what you get when you dunk:

  • Land weight and height (all tests)
  • Submerged weight (body composition test)
  • Test results – fat% vs lean mass% (body composition test) – emailed to you after your appointment
  • Estimated Metabolic Rate (body composition test)
  • EXACT Resting Metabolic Rate to determine caloric intakes to lose fat or gain lean muscle
  • Consultation – we’ll help you understand the test results and their impact on your training program and your goals.  (Don’t worry, we’ll help you set reasonable goals too!)
  • Nutrition guidance specific to you body’s composition and goals
  • MVMNT’s 1st dunk is September 14th. Appointments are available from 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm. Our specific sign up is right HERE. ONLY 5 SPOTS REMAIN!

Your 2015 Fall WLC Champions are: Forrest Faulk & Lauren Schwartz. Helping them will be our co-captains: Shannon Bohannon & Ali McDaniel. More details coming soon! 


Jump Rope 3 Minutes
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups

With a partner:

20 Medicine Ball Chest Pass


Levels 2-4
5 sets
3 Bench Press (80% +)
5 Barbell Row

Levels 0/1
5 sets
5 Kettlebell Floor Press
5 KB Bent-over Row


Alternate with a partner:

3 Rounds

Upper Body Complex:
30 sec each for max reps

Battling Ropes – alternating
Ring Rows
Battling Ropes – double

Level 0-2
Knee Push-ups are ok

12 Minutes (3 rounds max)

250M Row
20 Medicine Ball Overhead Throws