Friday 8/11/17

Friday 8/11/17

Birthday Roundup – Lots of our old school MVMNT members celebrated birthdays this week including John Livergood, Kelly Sauro, Hilary Woods and Shannon Bohannon. Happy Birthday!!!

Tactical Strength Challenge – 4 Days to sign up for the Free shirt. Commit now and you WILL work harder than those that wait until the last minute. #committoyourself

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Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

10 Swings
1/1 Getup


Levels 2-4

30 Minutes E3MOM (10 sets)
1. 4 Romanian Deadlift at 70% of Deadlift 1RM
2. 6 Weighted Sit-ups
3. 6 Box Jumps

Romanian Deadlifts are performed from a narrow stance (feet less than hip width apart). First deadlift the bar to your hips(this does not count as a rep), then push your hips back and lower down slowly, keeping your back rigid, hips high, and knees slightly bent. Stop a couple of inches below your knees and come back up to standing by forcefully engaging your glutes and hamstrings. The bar does NOT touch the floor until the set is complete.

Use two heavy kettlebells for the weighted sit-ups. Either have a partner hold your feet or anchor them under the stall bars or dumbbells.

Levels 0/1

5 sets (25-30 minutes)
6/6 Single leg Deadlift
12 Medicine Ball Overhead Sit-ups
30/30 Side Plank
Rest 60 seconds


Levels 3/4

50 Double Unders
16 Pass-Through Reverse Lunges

This is a lunge where you pass the kettlebell under your forward leg thigh as you step back with the other leg. If I am holding the bell in my right hand, I step back with the right leg, pass the bell under my left thigh to my left hand, and stand back up. Then repeat on the other side. It is important to take a DEEP step back, bring your knee all the way to the floor, and keep your chest as upright as possible or you can hurt your lower back.

L4 – 24/18
L3 – 22/16, 25 DUs

Levels 0-2

120 Single Unders
12 Pass-Through Reverse Lunges

L0/1 – may substitute Goblet Lunges if you can’t do Rx with good form